The Fed Decides to Wait


This spring, a September rate hike seemed probable – but during this past week, assumptions grew that the central bank would put off tightening. On Wednesday, the futures market put the likelihood of a rate hike at less than 30%…



NO SURPRISE: HOUSEHOLD SENTIMENT WANES The initial September edition of the University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index came in last week at 85.7 – its lowest reading in a year, significantly below its final August mark of 91.9. Given the recent stock market retreat and ongoing headlines about China’s economic slowdown, the closely watched indicator seemed primed ...

Growth Of The Dow Vs Historical Averages



ince 2009, the US stock market has been rising due to a Fed created, low interest rate environment.

However, the economy has not seen the same growth as the stock market.

This has many investors wondering if the current stock market rise will end due to “non impressive” economic growth — or if the market will continue to rise as the Fed may be forced to continue its economic stimulus plans.

To put the current stock market rise in historical perspective…

Global Asset Allocation Strategy: May 2015 Update



o far, 2015 has been a volatile and choppy market here in the US. Global investors have begun to look outside the US for value opportunities.

Overseas markets continue to be the outperform US equity markets. And we are seeing increasing weakness in US Treasury Bonds.

This may be the start of a longer term “exit” from US markets as assets continue to shift into international markets.

Chart Of The Day: Nasdaq’s 15 Year Journey



or some perspective on a key US stock market index, today’s chart illustrates the overall trend of the Nasdaq Composite since 2000.

As today’s chart illustrates, the post-financial crisis rally (which began in early 2009) has been significant enough to have the Nasdaq surge well past its credit bubble highs of late 2007.

In addition, the latest leg of the post-financial…