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Sector Overview: Relative Strength And Trends

A quick look at the sector strength and trends of the various S&P 500 components. What's looks bad and what looks good.

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Global Asset Allocation Strategy 2015

A 2015 update to my global asset allocation strategy. So far, the model remains conservatively invested. Is this a sign that the risk appetite of global investors is dwindling -- or something else?

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Global Asset Allocation Strategy: December 2014

Each month, I post an update to my global asset allocation strategy. This strategy is a relative strength based research model I use to view the flow of funds within the global equity markets.

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Year End Stock Market Trends: Time To Celebrate?


Just a quick post from me on current market conditions as we enter the Holiday season:

After shrugging off the US Ebola outbreak scare (see last week’s blog entry: Using Google Trends To Take Advantage Of Pullbacks: […]

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Using Google Trends To Take Advantage Of Pullbacks: Ebola Case Study

Investor Tools: Google Trends allows us to research the top fears of investors and view its correlation with the stock markets. This can provide insight for investors looking to take advantage of pullbacks. In the case of the Ebola news cycle we can clearly see that

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Global Asset Allocation Strategy: November 2014

Each month, I update my global asset allocation strategy. This strategy is used as a relative strength based, research model that provides insight into how global investors are allocating their portfolios.

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Top Benefits Of ETFs Vs Mutual Funds

Puzzled by the choices and benefits of ETFs over mutual funds? In my investment advisory practice, I typically use ETFs instead of mutual funds within a client's investment portfolio. While, ETFs are increasing in popularity I have noticed investors don't always know the benefits of ETFs over mutual funds.

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Ebola, The Stock Market, And An Update To Those Trend Lines…

Is The Ebola News Cycle The Reason For The Stock Market’s Decline? A look at the current trends in the market, how Ebola is impacting them and where the opportunities for investors are.

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Fall 2014 Update: Stock Market Crash Ahead?


Stock market volatility has significantly risen in October. Many are wondering if a collapse is right around the corner.
Ebola’s Impact
The media is in full fear mongering mode right now. The slow news cycle has brought […]

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Global Asset Allocation Strategy: October Model Update


Each month, I publish an update for my hypothetical global asset allocation model. The purpose of this model is to provide a strategy that is both timing based and relative strength based.

Additionally, by tracking this […]

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Top Economic Risks: 7 Charts You Should Be Watching

Should the Fed be worried about inflation? Or is deflation the real enemy? The Federal Reserve Board, aka the Fed, has been hinting at raising short term interest rates sometime in 2015. However, are we in a position yet to handle the economic risks associated with a rising interest rate environment? Even the Fed has recently lowered its GDP forecast for 2014-2016. I have highlighted some important key economic charts you should be watching throughout the rest of this year

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Risk Ahead – How Risky Are Bond Funds?


To watch this video on YouTube click here

Why Worry Now About Bond Funds?
Since the early 1980’s, interest rates have been on the decline and are now at historic lows.

However, some investors are worried that we […]

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Will There Be A Stock Market Rally This Fall?

As the stock market hits record highs, investors are wondering “will there be a stock market rally this fall?”.

Investors seem very compliant nowadays. In fact, this market is starting to feel a bit like the […]

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Top 10 ETFs For This Month’s Global Asset Allocation Strategy

Each month, I like to update my global asset allocation strategy (aka the global relative strength ETF portfolio model). This model is based on the relative strength of a prescreened ETF universe.

The purpose of this […]

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What Is The Best ETF Hedging Strategy?

What is the best ETF Hedging Strategy? Sometimes the simplest is the best.
So, What Is The Best ETF Hedging Strategy? — A Systematic Approach To Protect A Portfolio Against Another 2008 Style Decline
Lately I […]

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