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Top Economic Risks: 7 Charts You Should Be Watching

Should the Fed be worried about inflation? Or is deflation the real enemy? The Federal Reserve Board, aka the Fed, has been hinting at raising short term interest rates sometime in 2015. However, are we in a position yet to handle the economic risks associated with a rising interest rate environment? Even the Fed has recently lowered its GDP forecast for 2014-2016.
I have highlighted some important key economic charts you should be watching throughout the rest of this year

Top 10 ETFs For This Month’s Global Asset Allocation Strategy

Each month, I like to update my global asset allocation strategy (aka the global relative strength ETF portfolio model). This model is based on the relative strength of a prescreened ETF universe. The purpose of this model is two-fold: -Create a simple international investment model. -To help view where global investors are buying and selling. As geopolitical risks are ...

Some Quick Thoughts On The Market

Despite worries about the price decline in small cap stocks earlier this year and a poor 1st quarter GDP report, the equity markets are still continuing to rise in an orderly fashion. S&P 500 - Still Trending The S&P 500 index's upward trend from its February low still remains in place. At this point, the price action is reflecting ...

Will Rising Oil Prices Delay The Fed?

The escalating conflicting in Iraq has global investors worried that oil prices will continue to rise into the summer travel season. Will rising oil prices delay the Fed, or worse, impact growth for the remainder of 2014? Tensions In Iraq Oil prices have started to rise aggressively since militants led by ISIS - the Islamic State in ...

Retirement Plan Advisors: Should I Use An Investment Advisor For My 401k Plan?

Should 401k participants use retirement plan advisors - or go at it solo? A study on 401k participants  and retirement plan advisors working together should be revisited in today's market by both investment advisors and retirement plan participants. The study was conducted by Aon Hewitt and Financial Engines, titled:  Help in Defined Contribution Plans: 2006 Through 2010. Survey ...

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