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Global Investment Management | Global Allocation June 2014

Global Investment Management update for June 2014 - Changes to our Global Asset Allocation Strategy Below is an update to our global asset allocation strategy and a few highlights from our global investment management research. This investment strategy uses global relative strength and momentum to invest in a prescreened ETF universe. For a detailed overview of the strategy, please see: ...

Strategic Global Asset Allocation Model: May 2014

Strategic Global Asset Allocation Model – May 2014 Highlights: Trends in technology and small-cap stocks are changing QQQ and SPY are no longer in the model Countries like Spain continue to outpeform the S&P 500   Here in the US, markets have continued to expand their trading ranges. Tech heavy indices, like the Nasdaq 100, and small cap indices, like the ...

Strategic Global Asset Allocation Model – Update: April 2014

April 2014 update to the strategic global asset allocation model. 2014, so far, has been a volatile and choppy market here in the US. Global investors have begun to look outside the US for value opportunities - specifically within PIIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain). This has caused a change in leadership within the model - ...

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