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Chart Of The Day: Oil

With a crude oil now trading under $40 dollars a barrel, today’s chart presents the current, long-term trend of West Texas Intermediate crude.

As today’s chart illustrates, crude oil traded within the confines of a long-term upward sloping trend channel since the late 1990s. However, with the dramatic 59% plunge from mid-2014 to March 2015, crude oil broke below support …

Growth Of The Dow Vs Historical Averages


ince 2009, the US stock market has been rising due to a Fed created, low interest rate environment.

However, the economy has not seen the same growth as the stock market.

This has many investors wondering if the current stock market rise will end due to “non impressive” economic growth — or if the market will continue to rise as the Fed may be forced to continue its economic stimulus plans.

To put the current stock market rise in historical perspective…