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Some Scary Facts For College Grads

Over the past few years, a tough economy has forced highly educated people to turn to food stamps and other forms of welfare for help. Over 5,000 PhDs are working as janitors, and many more working as waiters, secretaries, attendants, clerks, and telemarketers. In fact, the number of PhDs and Master's degree holders on welfare more ...

Lunchtime Reads

Trillion-Dollar Coin: Absurd or Absurdly Right? - Bloomberg The troubling similarities between the fiscal mismanagement in Washington and the mess in the euro zone - Economist More fiscal challenges on the horizon - InvestmentNews The Full Montier: Absolute vs. Relative Value - dshort New Leadership? - Bespoke Investments:

On The Road To Zero Growth

I have noticed increasing interest in Jeremy Grantham's November commentary On The Road To Zero Growth.  I found his commentary on the aging population very interesting. Definitely worth reading. If you haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, here is a copy:   Grantham Q3 2012

How Will The Fiscal Cliff Impact You?

The Washington Post created a fiscal cliff calculator to show the impact various plans will have in different scenarios. The bottom line is - if no plan is put in place, the majority of people will face a tax increase next year. The no plan option will defiantly hurt the US economy. Remember the 2008 Economic Stimulus ...