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Friday Morning Reads

The Real Story Of The Devastating Currency Collapse That Still Haunts Europe Today -BusinessInsider Weekly Unemployment Claims at 388K, Correcting Last Week's Anomaly -dshort AT&T Joins Verizon in Sending Piracy Alerts to Customers - Bloomberg 8 states with the best 529 plans - InvestmentNews 1987: A Computer Lesson Still Unlearned - NYTimes Excerpt:Why I Left Goldman Sachs - Dealbreaker

Wednesday Morning Reads

A few articles I found interesting... Citigroup Board Said to Oust Pandit After Setbacks - Bloomberg Wall Street, advisory firms funneling big bucks to Romney - InvestmentNews Chances of Going Over Fiscal Cliff May Be Higher Than Experts Think -WSJ Do Good C.E.O.’s Make Good Presidents? - NY Times French president pushing homework ban as part of ed reforms - ...

Betting Odds Before Tonight’s Debate

A quick check of the Intrade numbers before tonight's debate show that hose who are willing to place a wager in this year’s Presidential election are still betting that President Obama will be reelected. However, the odds continue to tighten. How Intrade’s Prediction Market works (via Intrade is a prediction market. What is a prediction market? It’s a ...

Tuesday Morning Reads

MAULDIN: We're Headed For An Economic Black Hole - BusinessInsider High-Speed Trading Slows Down - Wall Street & Technology IPO rules may bring back dot-com conflicts - Marketwatch Is new-look Morgan Stanley returning to its glory days? - InvestmentNews Impact On Facebook? Zynga Plunges to Record as Forecast Cut on Gaming Slump - Bloomberg China’s stock markets: Like it’s 1999- The Economist  

Monday Morning Reads

(Photo courtesy: Mike Goldberg) China’s Economy Shows Signs of Stabilizing as Exports Gain - Bloomberg Wells Fargo Is Charged With Fraud - The Economist China vs Japan - Dr Ed Yardeni On The Markets (PDF) - Morgan Stanley Best Stock Market Indicator Ever? - Ben Bernanke and Currency Wars - BusinessInsider Watch the the first man on the planet to break the speed ...

Is It Becoming Cool To Hate Apple?

Apple's stock is starting to break down - causing many to speculate on the future of the company. While many analyst are still in love with the company, the opinions I hear from colleagues, friends and family are not too positive. (Disclaimer - I am an Apple Fan Boy. My entire "eco-system" is Apple.) Yes, Apple ...

Wednesday Morning Reads:

A few articles that I found worth sharing. Enjoy: Barry Ritholtz's TBP Conference - Watch it online: The Big Picture  TARP made bank problems worse: Marketwatch  China Economy: Hard Landing and Beyond: ALSO SPRACH ANALYST The Debt Super-Cycle Goes Into Orbit: BusinessInsider   GOP Smacked: The Economist            

Interesting Reads

  A couple of must reads: What keeps institutional investors up at night? - InvestmentNews Q2 GDP SLASHED TO 1.3% - BusinessInsider Affluent Investors Settle Into New Normal: Merrill - On Wall Street Richard Russell - A Crashing Sector, Gold & The Fiscal Cliff - King World News iPhone a 'Massive Fail', Apple Losing Way - Bloomberg   How long does it take ...