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Changes To This Blog

Since 2010, I have tried to update this blog as much as possible to share my ideas on the stock market and global economy.

My goal was to share the inner workings of the financial industry, provide market transparency, and share some of my ideas and investment models.

I am grateful for all the positive feedback that I have received.

As my business continues to grow, time to write well, thought-out commentary for this blog – in addition to writing commentary for outside sources, interviews, market research and white papers – has become less and less.

In the next week, I will be merging this blog with my firm’s main site: Past commentary will be archived to view.

Going forward, I will instead be publishing my weekly commentary on the website for those who wish to follow a more detailed and technical discussion on the market.

Day to day market comments and observations can be found on my twitter account:

Weekly Market Commentary can be found on the Riverbend website:


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