Chart Of The Day: Home Price/Gold Ratio

Chart Of The Day: Home Price/Gold Ratio


or some perspective on the single-family home market, today’s chart presents the median single-family home price divided by the price of one ounce of gold.

This results in the home gold ratio or the cost of the median single-family home in ounces of gold.

For example, it currently takes a relatively low 168 ounces of gold to buy the median single-family home. This is dramatically less than the 601 ounces it took back in 2001.

When priced in gold, the median single-family home is down 72% from its 2001 peak. Since making a new 32 year low back in early 2012, home prices (priced in that other global currency — gold) have worked their way higher.

Currently, home prices (priced in gold) are currently testing support of a three-year uptrend.



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Featured image: Flickr/BullionVault

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