Fed Meeting Notes Released: Watch Gold Prices

Fed Meeting Notes Released: Watch Gold Prices

April FOMC Meeting Notes Released

The Federal Reserve Board just released their notes of the last FOMC meeting (April 24-25). The meeting notes highlight the Fed’s concern for slowing momentum in the US economy and stated that additional actions may be needed to keep the recovery going.

This is good news for the gold bugs, who have watched gold prices steadily decline during May. On one side, inflation watchers will look at the Fed’s notes as a sign that more liquidity will be added to the US economy, therefore raising the risk of higher inflation down the road. On the other side, investors may start moving assets into gold as they view it as a safe haven asset class. Either way, both are positive for gold prices.

View the FOMC meeting notes here:  Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee April 24–25, 2012 


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