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Golden Cross in 3…2…1…

A golden cross pattern in Copper is occurring as we speak. This is good news and an indication that the current uptrend in the market may continue for some time.

Readers will recognize the pattern in copper as one of my “themes” for 2012. Last week, I spoke a bit more in detail about the correlation between the price of copper and the stockmarket.

A few excerpts from last week:

Why does a Golden Cross pattern in copper have anything to do with equity investors? Past Golden Cross patterns have given equity investors an early indication that a longer term trend is about to begin:

Past golden cross copperCopper: Past Golden Cross Signals
SPX vs CopperS&P 500: Red Arrows Indicate a Golden Cross in Copper

While the popular media heads are starting to talk “gloom and doom” about the stockmarket, investors should be looking at historical patterns in the market (like above) to get a better gauge of what traders and large institutional investors are thinking.








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