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My Completely Unscientific View On Black Friday

(image via Flikr/the idealist)

The last couple of years, I have managed to sneak into a few stores on black Friday to see what’s being bought and how ransacked the aisles look. I usually will take my kids and try to go in the evening.

Thoughts from this year:

My local Best Buy looked more orderly than past years. In fact, the Barnes and Noble next door looked more apocalyptic than Best Buy did.

As for this year’s “hot” items

1) Nintendo Wii U – the graphics looked impressive, but my 9 year old son was not a fan. “Too complicated”, “I don’t like looking at two screens” and finally “what’s the point?”.

2) Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Surprisingly, my local Best Buy still had tons of them in stock. Either everyone bought their copy already or all the kids just play Minecraft now.

I didn’t notice any one section of the store that looked like it had been through a buying frenzy, and most of the employees looked bored – not exhausted.


After Best Buy, we went to the Apple Store. Now this is what chaos looks like. The store was packed!

My kids were very excited to see the iPad Mini. I must admit, I was not a fan when the iPad Mini came out – but it is the perfect size and weight for kids.

I noticed strong interests in the iPad mini vs the new iPad (aka “the bigger one”) among the tweens and younger age group.


Lastly, we went to Barnes and Noble:

I had my kids play with the Nook. No interest in it what-so-ever. To me, it seemed like the gadget a non-techie Mom would buy for their disappointed kids.

The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book looked like it was selling well.


So where were the longest, most chaotic lines? Starbucks. All day long.



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