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New ARTAIS Fund Fact Sheet Is Up!

ARTAIS — Absolute Returns Through Adaptive Investment Strategies

The ARTAIS Fund uses decades’ worth of investment theory to create a better way to invest. Using a “Spoke Fund®” concept (in which investors’ monies are collectively managed but separately held), the ARTAIS Fund makes institutional-style investing available at all wealth levels. The Fund was created to offer investors a better alternative to investing in traditional mutual funds and hedge funds. While all of these funds provide diversification for the investor, Spoke Funds® offer some key advantages. The most important advantage is that spoke funds offer the benefits of pooled investments without the typical drawbacks of pooled investments (i.e., the actions of a few investors affecting the fund as a whole, taxes from previous investors passed on to new investors, etc.).

The ARTAIS Fund allows clients to invest in the stock market in the same manner that large pensions and institutions do. This is the same strategy that the Rothe Financial Group employs for private client portfolios over $1 million. The ARTAIS Fund offers investors with account sizes of $100,000 or more the same level of active management and growth that our largest clients have enjoyed for years.

ARTAIS Fund Factsheet

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