November Update For The Global Asset Allocation Strategy

November Update For The Global Asset Allocation Strategy

Last month I published a piece on a global strategy I have been tracking. The post included mid-month data, so I wanted to update the status of the model and include the October performance data.

global strategysource: ETFreplay

The rules for the model are to examine a prescreened global ETF universe to find the top ten ETFs with the highest relative strength. Those 10 ETFs are then allocated equal weight within a portfolio, then overlayed with the 10 month moving average.

ETF Universe: etf global asset allocation

If the ETF is trading below the 10 month moving average, it is replaced with iShares Barclays 20+ Yr Treasury Bond ETF (“TLT”).

Lastly, this model is rebalanced monthly. For November the updated allocation is as follows:

john rothe

source: ETFreplay



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