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The Economy Is Sluggish Because Of You And Me

This past week the Fed has been making the news with speculation of a rate hike, and once again Janet Yellen and gang are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Investors are so “keyed in” that any rise in rates will be a mistake. But what the Fed actually does or doesn’t do is not the problem we face here in the US.
The problem is you and me.

Understanding The Investment Needs of Non-Profits

As non-profit organizations grow, they also need to grow and preserve wealth. In accepting donations to fund their operations and programs, they realize they cannot rely on fundraising alone. They decide to invest, and they turn to financial professionals for input.

Because non-profits exist to carry out particular missions, their investment preferences may differ from those of individuals. A non-profit may shy away from investing in certain companies because of what they represent. Additionally, some types of investment vehicles may clash with a non-profit organization’s image.

Should We Break Up the Big Banks?

This opinion comes from the man who once directed TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program that bailed out giant banks in the Great Recession. Kashkari was assistant secretary of the Treasury at that time. This year, he became president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, two years after running for governor of California.1

2016: Don’t Listen To Wall Street This Year

    Investors have been faced with extremely volatile markets this year. As a result, investors have been looking for guidance -- from news outlets like CNBC, and Wall Street strategists. However, as 2008 has shown us, this may not be the best approach for investors to take...   The Problem With Wall Street's Predictions For years, BusinessWeek magazine’s last issue ...

Chart Of The Day: Oil

With a crude oil now trading under $40 dollars a barrel, today’s chart presents the current, long-term trend of West Texas Intermediate crude.

As today’s chart illustrates, crude oil traded within the confines of a long-term upward sloping trend channel since the late 1990s. However, with the dramatic 59% plunge from mid-2014 to March 2015, crude oil broke below support …