Riverbend Folios: Customized Long Short Investment Portfolios

Riverbend Folios Are Here!


Have you noticed the markets are getting a bit more “bumpy”? Is it time to get your investment accounts organized before the markets take a major hit?

Riverbend Folios Are Here! (click here to learn more)

I want to share with you an exciting new launch: Riverbend Folios, actively managed portfolios designed for active markets.

Riverbend Folios is an online platform that allows you to create a custom blend of our proprietary investment strategies.

Our actively managed strategies have been guiding clients since 2006, and can benefit investors during volatile markets using:

  • Actively managed portfolios;
  • Long/short strategies to hedge portfolios during extreme market cycles;
  • Broad diversification strategies utilizing ETFs; and
  • Unlike mutual funds, Riverbend Folios have no cash limits/restrictions – the entire portfolio can allocate to 100 percent cash as necessary.

Riverbend Folios are ideal for growth investors who are looking for a proactive investment strategy during active market cycles.

BONUS: Open an account now and you will get FREE access to our account aggregation tools. Organize ALL your investment accounts (even those not managed through Riverbend) into one secure online portal — including all of your brokerage and mutual fund accounts, 401k, 529 plans, annuities, etc.

Resolve to be financially organized in 2015!

Click Here To Learn More About Riverbend Folios and Start Getting Financially Organized For 2015 


John Rothe
CEO & Chief Investment Officer
Riverbend Investment Management

PS: Don’t let procrastination stop you from getting financially fit and organized for 2015! To learn more, here is the direct link:



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